MR Vets, Inc., formed by Patrick R. Gavin, provides diagnostic services to veterinary MRI centers. Patrick Gavin, DVM, PhD is board certified by the American College of Veterinary Radiology in radiology and radiation oncology. The company has expanded into the educational arena with the offering of fellowships to enhance the diagnostic experience of others to help with the growing veterinary MRI market.

MR Vets MRI Diagnostic Services and Fellowships

MR Vets Diagnostic Services

MR Vets provides diagnostic services for centers that perform MRI exams on all species of animal patients. Currently, more than twodozen centers routinely use MR Vets. The patient population consists primarily of dogs and cats, but horses are a growing MRI population and even exotic animals are occasional patients.

The services provided include help with equipment selection, protocol development, business development, and most commonly case interpretation and report generation.

There are many equipment manufactures and most are adaptable to animal patients. We help recommend the best equipment for the intended use and funds available.

To reduce patient anesthetic time, there is a need for relevant veterinary protocols that span the vast diversity of animal patients to allow as broad a study as possible in a reasonable time frame.

Dr Gavin started his MRI experience 20 years ago and since the inception of MR Vets in 2002, he has reviewed over 80,000 cases to date. More than 200 cases per month are currently reviewed. Thousands of archived cases are also available for study and publication.

About Dr. Gavin

Dr. Gavin graduated from Washington State University with a DVM in 1971. After discharge from the US Army Veterinary Corps, he worked veterinary emergency rooms, including the Alameda East Veterinary Hospital seen on the TV network Animal Planet, taught at the Bel Rea Veterinary Technology School, and started a private practice in the Denver, Colorado area. He returned to Colorado State University in 1976 for graduate school and radiology residency training, receiving his PhD in Radiology and Radiation Biology in 1980. He became a board certified veterinary radiologist in 1981 and was a founding member of veterinary radiation oncology in 1994. Dr Gavin joined the faculty of Washington State University, College of Veterinary Medicine in 1979 and retired as Professor Emeritus of Veterinary Radiology in July 2008.

Training Fellowships

MR Vets is excited to offer new training fellowships to train more veterinarians in the interpretation of magnetic resonance imaging. The experience and case resources provide the needed tools to facilitate this training in an accelerated time frame. Come visit us in beautiful Sandpoint, Idaho; learn veterinary MRI and enjoy one of the best four season playgrounds.

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